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Change Your Marriage, Change Your Life

How does your marriage impact your life?  Rather than the joyful relationship it is meant to be, the marriages of many of my patients are filled with stress, conflict, and turmoil.  T

he most difficult aspect of couples counseling is convincing each party of their contribution to the problems in the relationship and persuading them to change.  Obviously it’s impossible to make someone change, but giving them the tools for change and identifying the benefits of change can provide some motivation.  People seeking counseling are looking for strategies to create a better marriage and life.  They realize how marriage is so intertwined with life’s ups and downs.  The ideal scenario is having an ally for a spouse, not an adversary.  We want someone who has our back, accepts our flaws, forgives us when we mess up, and likes being with us.  Life is stressful and difficult enough, we don’t need our marriage to also be conflictual.  We want home to be our safe haven and a place of security and peace.  So what’s the bottom line?  Invest in your marriage, make it a priority, and rather than laying all the blame at your spouse’s feet, take responsibility  for your part in making it better.  Relationships can either enhance or detract from our lives, but the choice is yours.  Decide to live life to its fullest by investing in your marriage and experience life-changes.

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