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Change: Resistance Versus Acceptance

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

The phrase “be careful what you wish for” never had more significance than it does today.  We as a nation voted for change and are hopeful that our new leaders will elicit positive change.  Our country is going through some dramatic changes not all of them positive.  How we adapt to change is more important than the change itself, since many changes in life are not within our control.  But when it comes to personal change, how well do you respond?  Many of the patients I see everyday are resistant to change and expend an enormous amount of time and energy in not changing.  Change is scary for most of us, yet change is required for growth.  What fear prevents you from changing?  For many, personal change occurs most during times of hardship.  I tell my patients that suffering and healing often occur simultaneously.  We are all experiencing the pain of a struggling economy and need to focus on what changes will reduce the pain.  Maybe cutting back on our spending, taking care of our physical and emotional health, or being more connected to our family and friends.  What personal changes do you need to make to accept and embrace the changes happening around us that we can’t control?  Positive coping begins with changing oneself and accepting others and circumstances that we can’t change.  Embrace change, Empower self!

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