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Bullying at any Day

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

Have you ever been bullied?  Why do people bully others?  Bullying is psychologically damaging and in some cases physically threatening.  Many bullies have tremendous insecurity and overcompensate by seeking power and control over others.  Bullies displace and project their anger, resentment and frustration onto an easy target and prey.  In the process, they never deal with their own negative emotions. Most of us have experienced some form of bullying at some point in our lives.  When kids are bullied it is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and peers to report it and take action.  As Marshall Frank, columnist for Florida Today writes, most incidents of bullying go unreported and undetected.  The person being bullied often is embarrassed and fearful about sharing the incident.   Bullying can exist at any age, even in adult relationships, and be equally as destructive and damaging. Maybe the bully is a supervisor, peer or spouse.  Maybe you’re living with one and don’t know what to do.  We can all learn skills and strategies to deal with the bullies in our lives.  Obviously or maybe not, if we are in any physical danger, we must act immediately and leave.  Learning to communicate assertively, role-playing, and creating a script can help us interact effectively with bullies.  Sometimes counseling is necessary to assist with reducing our fears, anxieties, and learn social skills.  Being able to say no, set healthy boundaries, and building self-esteem also helps in dealing with bullies.  Don’t try to deal with these issues alone, lean on others.  Take charge of your life today.

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