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Bipolar Market

I can’t keep up with the dramatic swings and unpredictable changes in the stock market these days.  How can we manage our reaction and be an observer rather than participant?  The emotional roller-coaster ride is very scary and exciting for some, but the toll it takes on our health is staggering.  This is a time to seek stability in life and rely on secure activities and people that provide comfort.  We can’t stabilize the market, but we can stabilize our reaction.  For me, managing the volatility of our current economic situation involves seeking routines and structure in my life.  I work at maintaining the same sleep schedule, exercise pattern, work hours, etc.  It helps to also have a sounding board for venting without obsessing.  Stay connected with people and limit your screen time since the media coverage perpetuates the roller-coaster ride.  What have you found helpful in your life to stay grounded when the ground seems to be constantly shifting?  Seek to control your own reactions and limit your time on things that you have no control over.  Get off the roller-coaster and observe from a safe distance away.

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