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Amazing Feat on the Moon

Photo by Dean Hayton on Unsplash

It was forty years ago today that astronauts first landed on the moon and took steps that changed space travel forever.  The challenges, risks, planning, and resources necessary to achieve this incredible goal were unimaginable.  Sheer determination and will enabled the crew to push through theirs fears and doubts.  The adrenalin rush must have been overwhelming when they finally made it on to the moon.  What a monumental experience!  What happens to the astronauts after they achieve such fame?  Unfortunately, Buzz Aldrin retired and lost his focus and purpose in life.  Sadly, his life became consumed with an alcohol addiction and he struggled to get his life back on track.  He is in recovery now and found purpose again in his life.  Most of us won’t have that kind of  high and low experiences, but how many of us lose our focus and purpose somewhere in our life journey?  We need a sense of purpose and meaning to achieve joy and fulfillment.  Maybe the purpose comes from helping others, our accomplishments in life, or maybe it comes from being a person of integrity and honor.  If you’ve lost your purpose in life, find a new one, but don’t drift aimlessly because direction powers your destiny.  Remember to keep your feet on the ground when you achieve great things.

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