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Against All Odds

Here in Central Florida we are celebrating two major feats: the repair of the Hubble Telescope and the Orlando Magic defeating the former defending world champions Boston Celtics in game seven.  The Hubble repair required a herculean effort and the astronauts rose to the occasion.  Their ingenuity and endurance prevailed and their extra effort was successful.  Likewise, the Magic played their hearts out in game seven that was overwhelmingly predicted to be a Celtic win.  What the pundits didn’t count on was the sheer determination and  gusty performance by the entire Magic team for the whole game.  So what is it that enables people to succeed at times of adversity and overcome tremendous obstacles in life?  Some would say that it is hope or faith, believing that their efforts will pay off.  Others believe that perseverance comes from trust in self and resilience in times of failure.  Personally, I believe that all of these factors are applicable, but one element that is often overlooked is working as a team.  Teamwork can multiply our accomplishments and teach us valuable lessons about humility.  Working in concert with others also enables us to value others gifts and appreciate our differences.  Greatness is achieved through connections and reliance on others.  Significant accomplishments rarely occur through one person’s efforts.  Stay connected and work together to conquer your struggles and live your dreams.

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