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A Scary Day

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

Hi world.  I’m Dr. Tony Ferretti (psychologist) entering my first blog.  I plan to share stories, provide insights, and generate discussion about psychologically related issues.  Speaking of which, how did your anxiety level change after today’s bailout was denied and the stock market plummeted?  I’ve had a pit in my stomach the entire day wondering how this thing was going to play out.  Fear is a powerful emotion and it affects all of us.  I think for most of us the helplessness and powerlessness we feel in relation to these economic decisions are the most disturbing.  Control is a recurring theme in my practice and most of us have difficulties coping with “no control” situations.  Can any of you relate to this feeling?  Studies have shown that 90% of what we worry about, we have no control over.  My advice is to focus on the things you do have control over that will help manage your stress.  For me, exercise works.  Let go and accept the things you don’t have control over such as the stock market.  Limit your screen time and focus on your attitude which you’re in charge of.  Attitude is everything!

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