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Women Outperforming Men at Work

In the last decade women have outpaced men in the workforce in nearly every category according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  An article written by Dennis Cauchon of USA Today reported that the wage gap for women has narrowed to 82.8% of the median weekly wage of men and the highest ever recorded.  Why do you think that this gap is narrowing?  And what are the implications for our economy and society?  For starters, women have been moving into high-paying jobs and men have been moving into low-paying jobs.  Another factor is that men are working in industries that are most affected by the recession and losing jobs at a faster rate than women.  So why are men making poor economic progress?  Although it’s a good thing that the wage gap is closing, the implications for men are not positive.  In my practice, I work with young male adults who rely more on their parents than themselves.  There seems to be a trend developing of immature, underdeveloped, and irresponsible males who are incapable of creating a life of independence and self-reliance.  On the contrary, young female adults appear to be more self-confidant, motivated, and goal-oriented.  The balance of power and control appears to be shifting in a big way in the workplace and possibly at home as well.  Men and women today are more likely than ever before to assume roles that were dominated by the opposite sex in the past.  Much of this is good news.  The concern I have is for the young men that are not stepping up and assuming a leadership role in work, family, and society.  More men seem to be falling into self-destructive behaviors or are assuming a passive position in society.  What is changing in men?  Are we raising males and females very differently today?  Next week I’ll continue this discussion.

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