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Why Do Women Stay After the Affair

Many of us wonder in astonishment when women choose to stay after their husband’s infidelity.  What makes them decide to stay?  For high-profile marriages it would be easy to assume that money, status, and lifestyle keep women in the marriage.  In other situations concern for the children and/or ones’ religious beliefs commit them to staying.  For many others, fear and insecurity prevents them from moving on and ending their marriage.  Are there other reasons to stay?  Women may stay because they believe their partner can change.  In some cases the affair provides a catalyst to work on a failing marriage and prompts motivation for significant change for both parties.  People can and do change with a desire to create a healthier relationship and life.  For some quitting or failure is not an option and they will fight to save their marriage.  Typically affairs don’t happen in a vacuum; (this does not condone the behavior), but both parties will benefit from professional help to understand the marital conflicts and learn tools for success. The real test is consistency over time in both words and actions.  Whether a person stays for security, love, finances, children, fear, or faith, be sure that the decision is based on a game plan for change.  Find out more next week about ways to heal from the affair and how to strengthen your marriage.

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