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'Tis the Season

Why do the holidays bring tremendous stress and turmoil?  Do we have a need to create a “Norman Rockwell” moment or does the thought of spending another holiday with our dysfunctional family make our stomachs turn?  The stress associated with finances, family, time demands, loneliness, emotional triggers, and unrealistic expectations can send people over the top.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  We can focus on the positive aspects of the season for a change.  How about having time off from work and catching up with friends and family that are positive and supportive.  We can decide to set limits, say no, and avoid overextending ourselves.  Our family incorporates a bunch of traditions whether it’s related to food, activities, giving, and/or spending time with friends/family.  It’s a time to celebrate our faith, be grateful for what we have, and value our relationships over our stuff.  The holidays allow for more days of exercise, more downtime, time to catch up with people, and enjoy life. The attitude that you bring to any circumstance determines the experience you will have.  An attitude of gratitude works best for me; give it a try.  You may be convinced like I am that it changes your entire outlook and focus.

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