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Running on Empty

Last week I discussed ways people fill their emotional void and where the void originated.  Today I’d like to discuss why many people never realize a void exists until they self-destruct.  You’ve heard the expression “work hard, play hard,” this describes many in my patient population.  Driven, intense, and competitive people don’t transition well from work to home and carry the same behaviors and mindset to their personal lives.  They are used to being busy, stimulated, challenged, and productive.  Being still is a waste of time in their minds and they get restless when idle.  These individuals operate from two speeds, 5th gear and neutral, and tend to be all or nothing types.  They may use caffeine to pump them up and alcohol/drugs to bring them down.  They don’t have the time, desire, or inclination to focus on their void and keep themselves distracted and detached from emotional issues.  We read about people self-destructing everyday with the latest being the Secret Service scandal.  Bright, educated, successful people using poor judgment and making bad choices.  Are they filling a void too?  All too often achievement or power-oriented people struggle in intimate relationships due to their emotional immaturity and self-absorption.  Many don’t realize the void until it’s too late.  Last week I challenged you to find your void, this week I challenge you to share it.  Next week I’ll discuss practical ways to achieve balance in life since fillers are typically a result of imbalance.

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