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Overwhelming Devastation in Haiti Quake

Photo by Madi Robson on Unsplash

The poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is pummeled with a powerful and destructive earthquake killing thousands.  How does a country with so little survive such a devastating event?  Why does something like this happen, especially to a nation that has struggled so much over the years and has so few resources?  There is no way that any of us, unless we experienced such an event, could ever fully appreciate the impact of this trauma.  It is difficult to comprehend the loss of homes, loss of schools and hospitals, but most importantly loss of loved ones.  People are probably in shock right now and totally numb over the devastation.  How does one cope with such grief?  One day at a time, one hour at a time, and maybe even one minute at a time.  This is a time when faith is either tested or the only thing that keeps you going.  It will take a long time for the country to get back to any kind of normalcy and the grief process will be slow.  Some will experience survivor’s guilt and feel badly that they lived through the quake while others perished.  What hope can a person have for the future?  Where there is life, there is hope.  Haiti has had more than its share of catastrophes from natural disasters, crushing poverty and unstable governments.  We as a nation need to help during this time of dire need.  We can help through our prayers, our money, our resources, and our volunteer time.  The healing physically and emotionally will take time, but any efforts that we can make may quicken the process and lessen the pain.  At a time of crisis many want to take action and help; don’t forget this nation after the crisis ends.

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