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Mutual Respect

Last week I discussed the difficulties some of us have with other’s success.  Maybe it is envy, pride, insecurity and/or fear that get in the way and contribute to our difficulties in acknowledging others in a positive way.  We all value love, respect, acceptance, and approval.  Some of us are better at expressing these feelings more than others.  Maybe we didn’t see or feel much love and affection growing up.  We may de-value others because deep down we de-value ourselves.  The truth is that we all have value and are worthy of love.  So how do we show our appreciation and love for others?

For starters, consistently acknowledge positive attributes in others.  Tell them what you respect and love about them whether it’s their hard work, their incredible compassion, or their endless support and encouragement.  Express your gratefulness for their positive attitude or their unconditional forgiveness.  Maybe they bring you coffee in the morning, bring you a surprise gift, notice when you’ve done something different, or listen intently to your venting.  Think about what your partner values and make an effort to gift it to them.  Everyone loves to be pampered now and again, choose to do it for no reason other than love.

Lastly, learn to appreciate and value the differences in your partner.   We all have unique gifts and qualities which can compliment the attributes of our spouse.  Value each other’s strengths whether it lies in interpersonal skills, mechanical skills, or analytical skills.  Remember that we are all wired differently and crafted with very distinct qualities that can serve us well in our relationships.  Respect yourself and you’ll find it easier to respect others.  When we show respect through our actions and words we will appreciate the value of others.

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