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Mid-Life Crisis or Excuse

Do people truly experience a mid-life crisis or is this an outdated myth?   A recent survey by psychologist Carlo Strenger of Israel’s Tel Aviv University found that most middle-aged people are happier and more balanced than one might think.  Staff writer Clara Moskowitz from LiveScience discusses this subject and concludes that this time in our lives is more successful since our choices are based on knowledge and experience.  In my practice I see the self-destructive behaviors and poor decision-making by those in midlife, but base it more on personality dysfunction, emotional issues, and relational conflicts, not the time of a person’s life.  Many people want to use the mid-life crisis excuse to prove and rationalize their actions.  It’s another way to avoid taking personal responsibility for their behaviors and shift the blame from self to circumstances.  Why do people avoid taking responsibility for their actions?  Maybe it’s because no one has held them accountable or there haven’t been any consequences for their bad behaviors.  Success in life comes from taking responsibility for yourself and making changes when your behaviors negatively impact others.  Life changes require personal responsibility and an active game plan for change .  Stop creating excuses for yourself and direct your energy into change.

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