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Letting Go

Last week I talked about grudge holders and why people choose to hang on.  Control and punishment, fear, and insecurity are the some of the top reasons for not letting go.  Hanging on to emotional angst creates other problems and keeps people stuck in turmoil.  As mentioned last week, some choose to be the victim and remain stuck either to avoid or distract from their own issues.  Whatever the reason, today’s blog is about learning to let it go.

Forgiveness is one way to let go of emotional pain and hurt.  The person doing the forgiving benefits as much from this process as the person being forgiven.  I’ve written several blogs on forgiveness over the years; suffice it to say it works and moves forward the healing process.  Another way to let go is to share and confront the negative emotion with the person who caused it either through writing or orally.  The important component here is doing it constructively and assertively.  Many people have a difficult time releasing the pain because they fear it will make them more vulnerable, and in fact, it will.  However, if you don’t let it go you may never have an emotionally intimate and deep connection to another person.  Relationships require trust and an ability to take the risk of being hurt, which occurs in all relationships on occasion.  So letting go requires a sense of security and self-confidence that the emotional injury will heal.

Prayer can be a source for healing and giving your pain/hurt to God, instead of dealing with it alone.  Emotional pain can cause us to shut down or lash out, but choosing to let go gives us an opportunity to heal, grow, and rely more on our faith and/or others.  Life is filled with strife, loss, turmoil, conflict, and pain, but the way we deal with these issues determines the outcome.  Let go of your pain and liberating feelings will follow.  Letting go also enables you to fully experience joy and peace in life.

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