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Laborless Day

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Why do they call it labor day when it’s supposed to be a day of rest?  With the unemployment rate at 9.7% (a 26yr. high) many unemployed workers are having a hard time relaxing.  The stress associated with being unemployed is overwhelming.  In marriage, money is one of most significant causes of conflict and stress.  Today many couples are staying together only because of their finances while their relationship is a disaster.  Even when money is tight, counseling is a worthwhile investment- it’s less costly than divorce and more profitable to relationships.  The emotional impact of divorce on couples and children can be devastating.  I’d suggest taking action on the life you have today to make it better for tomorrow.  For starters, use the time off from work to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your relationships, and refocus your efforts on positive aspects of life.  Life is a gift, so make the most out of everyday and decide to live as if today was your last day.  Are you living to die or dying to live?  Make the right choice, live in the moment, and remain connected to the people you love.  It doesn’t matter which holiday we are observing, but it does matter how we’re observing it.  Take the time for yourself, your marriage, and your family; everyone needs a mental health day to keep us on track.

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