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Hope Eternal

It’s amazing how we are influenced by the momentum changes in life, whether they be personal or professional.  The stock market seems to be affected by the same swings which create either confidence or despair.  How much of life is based on momentum swings?  Do you feel like you have control over your momentum?  Our momentum in life is partially influenced by external forces, but mostly influenced by internal forces.  Our internal forces include our thoughts, emotions and actions.  These forces can be very powerful in changing our direction in life and determining our future.  Many of the patients I work with are drifting through life without focus and direction.  My job is to help them gain a sense of purpose, identify their strengths, and incorporate positive change.  Implementing a game plan, believing in oneself, and experiencing positive emotional energy can shift one’s momentum in a big way.  Focus on action rather than reaction, focus on today rather than tomorrow, and focus on changing self over changing others.  We can experience hope and optimism when we change our momentum and focus.  The choice is yours to make.  Position yourself for success by creating positive momentum and a positive outlook on life.

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