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Health Care Reform or Responsibility

How much time and energy are you spending obsessing over health care reform?  I understand this is a very important issue for our nation and most of us recognize that our healthcare system needs to change.  But how much control do we really have over healthcare reform?   Many of us spend too much time thinking/worrying/talking about what we have little control over and avoid changing the things we do have some control over.  Maybe that’s because we really don’t want to change ourselves, but would rather complain about external circumstances beyond our control.  I witness this everyday in my practice; people choose blame over change.  Blame keeps us stuck, prevents growth, and perpetuates irresponsibility.  What are you doing to take responsibility for your own healthcare?  Take action today by developing healthy habits such as exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep, and managing stress.  Avoid negative habits like smoking, overeating, excessive drinking, drugs, and any other self-destructive behaviors.  If more of us took responsibility for our health, then maybe we wouldn’t be in a healthcare crisis.  Now is the time to change and stop blaming others!

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