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Change is in the Air

With the presidential election behind us and a new party/direction upon us, change is inevitable.  Change is stressful whether it’s good or bad change.  Many of the patients I work with resist change and fear the consequence of change.  We as a nation voted for change and now it’s time to accept it and live with the outcome associated with change.  Change isn’t always a bad thing, since it often results in growth, learning, and resiliency.  Although the nation is changing in a big way, our change comes from our attitude.  I’m convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  How do you react to change?  We as humans have adapted to change throughout our lives, but some are less adaptable.  What do you think determines a persons’ adaptability?  Attitude plays a big role, but so does coping mechanisms and past learning/behaviors.  I teach strategies to adapt to life stressors everyday and the people who resist change or expend energy trying to change others don’t adapt very well.  Be responsible for changing yourself and your ability to adapt and cope will greatly improve.  Also work on incorporating healthy and constructive coping strategies and change may be less painful and maybe even positive.  Now is the time for change!

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