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Celebrate Life!

What is the meaning and purpose for your life?  What is the legacy you want to leave behind?  Some deep questions, but worthy of reflection.  In one of the final chapters of our book, Change Your Life, Not Your Wife: Marriage Saving Advice for Success-Driven People, Dr. Weiss and I discuss these type of questions and offer suggestions to find answers.  Personally,  my vote lies in developing and maintaining healthy relationships and having a strong faith.  I believe that healthy relationships are truly the key to happiness, good health, and success.  What might you regret on your deathbed? Probably not wanting more material possessions, wealth, status, or power, but instead connecting with family and friends.  So how do you make the most of your time here?  For starters, write down your priorities and objectives for your life and consider steps to get there.  Time is your most valuable asset and we all recognize how quickly time progresses.  One exercise I’ve used with couples is create a pie chart for a typical week that outlines how your hours are spent.  There are 168 hours in a week; how many of those do we spend working, sleeping, playing, connecting with others, exercising, etc.  Create your own pie chart and decide what needs to change in your life to make it more fulfilling and meaningful.  How balanced is your life?  Remember success and significance are not the same.  Ask yourself how you can make your life more significant.  Life really is more satisfying and fuller when you are more connected with people and less concerned about material things.  Believe it.  Learn it. Act on it. 

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