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Be a Father, Raise a Man

As I continue from last week’s blog, I’m curious why things are changing in our society for boys.  Are we raising boys differently or are we not raising them at all?  The number of fatherless homes is on the rise.  Many fathers disappear after divorce or after childbirth and choose to detach from their children completely.  Father-son bonding is extremely important to boys’ emotional and interpersonal development.  Studies have shown that fatherless boys are more likely to get into trouble and make poor choices.  Sons are looking for a role model and fathers can have a tremendous amount of influence on their boys.  Boys growing up without fathers may miss out on learning important skills, developing self-esteem, establishing a strong work ethic, and interacting positively with girls.  Fathers and mothers can deliver important life lessons to their children and leave them with a family legacy.  What legacy are you going to leave for your children?  Think about what you learned from your father and select the good aspects to pass on.  Responsible, mature, hard-working men with strong character and integrity can pass on these traits to their sons if they expect, guide, encourage, and  praise these behaviors.  The best gifts you can give your children are through your words and actions.  Talk to your son, spend time with him, listen to him, respect him, love him, forgive him, compliment him, hug him, and laugh with him.  As William Shakespeare put it, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

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